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age of D’atra Hicks

age D'atra Hicks

age: 53

The age of D’atra Hicks is 53 years old.

D’atra Hicks is born in 1967-12-27.

1. Where did D’atra Hicks come from ?

D’Atra Hicks (he is born in Deitra M. Hicks; December 27, 1967)[citation needed] is an American actress and singer. Hicks is best known for her act as Jackie Simmons in Tyler Perry’s 2002 stage play Madea’s Family Reunion. Hicks has also performed as Nurse Trudy in the 2006 stage play What’s Done in the Dark and as Niecy in the 2009 play Laugh to Keep from Crying.

2. What could we know about D’atra Hicks besides his age ?

Born in Harlem, Hicks began performing in her grandfather’s church choir as a child. In her early teens, Hicks and her older sister Miriam formed a singing group « The Hicks Sisters » and eventually cut a demo. The duo’s demo caught the attention of Broadway producers of the stage play Mama I Want To Sing! were impressed by Hicks’ voice. In late 1985, Hicks was offered the lead act of Doris Winter in the play, in which she portrayed from April 1986 until 1990. The play eventually became the most successful off-Broadway black musical in theatrical history. During her time on Broadway, Hicks received a solo deal with Capitol Records in 1989. Hicks released her self-titled start album under the Capitol label on September 9, 1989. With production contributions from Narada Michael Walden and Nick Martinelli, Hicks’ album started at number sixty-three and sat ten weeks on the Top R&B Albums chart. Hicks later scored acts in Tyler Perry’s stage plays including Madea’s Family Reunion, What’s Done in the Dark.

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