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age of Eddie Acuff

age Eddie Acuff

age: [DateCounter startDate= »1903-06-03″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »]

The age of Eddie Acuff is [DateCounter startDate= »1903-06-03″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Eddie Acuff is born in 1903-06-03.

1. Where did Eddie Acuff come from ?

Acuff was born in Caruthersville, Missouri. He was the son of Mrs. H. N. Arnold, and his maternal uncle was a performer on 19th century showboats along the Mississippi River.[citation needed]

2. What could we know about Eddie Acuff besides his age ?

Before beginning his Hollywood movie career in 1934, Acuff performed in Broadway theatre in the early-1930s. His Broadway credits include Jayhawker (1934), Yellow Jack (1934), John Brown (1934), Growing Pains (1933), Heat Lightning (1933), and The Dark Hours (1932).

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