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From February 16 to May 18, 1992, Gardner movieed The Real World: New York, the first season of MTV’s reality television series, The Real World, on which she appeared as a cast member. The series premiered May 21 that year. On the show, she was depicted as a hip-hop artist with the group Boogie Down Productions, on the verge of getting her big career break. During the season, she is seen recording her album, The System Sucks. According to MTV’s biography for her: « She has a lot of drive and dedication to whatever she is doing. She makes friends quickly and always speaks her mind regardless of the consequences. »

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Gardner was affiliated with the rap group Boogie Down Productions, and was signed to Pendulum Records in 1995. In 1996, she released her first album, Takin’ Mine. The single « All Glocks Down », an anti-gun violence anthem, received radio play, as did the follow-up single « If Headz Only Knew. »

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