Age Jillian Hervey

age of Jillian Hervey

age Jillian Hervey

age: [DateCounter startDate= »1989-06-19″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »]

The age of Jillian Hervey is [DateCounter startDate= »1989-06-19″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Jillian Hervey is born in 1989-06-19.

1. Where did Jillian Hervey come from ?

In addition to parents Hervey and Williams, Jillian Hervey is the niece of actor Chris Williams and the great-great-great-granddaughter of William A. Feilds, a formerly enslaved African-American who was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives during Reconstruction; the latter connection was uncovered when the television show Who Do You Think You Are? traced the family’s genealogy.[citation needed]

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