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age of Kelly O’Donnell

age Kelly O'Donnell

age: [DateCounter startDate= »1965-05-17″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »]

The age of Kelly O’Donnell is [DateCounter startDate= »1965-05-17″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Kelly O’Donnell is born in 1965-05-17.

1. Where did Kelly O’Donnell come from ?

O’Donnell graduated from Northwestern University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, focusing on a combined course of study in journalism and public policy. She was the recipient of the Alumnae of Northwestern University’s 2014 Alumnae Award.

2. What could we know about Kelly O’Donnell besides his age ?

She served as a reporter and anchor at WJW TV in Cleveland, Ohio, in the 1990s. At this time, O’Donnell worked with former NBC reporter Martin Savidge when WJW was still a CBS station in Cleveland.

3. What are the projects of Kelly O’Donnell ?


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