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age Liz Wahl

age: [DateCounter startDate= »1985-05-27″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »]

The age of Liz Wahl is [DateCounter startDate= »1985-05-27″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Liz Wahl is born in 1985-05-27.

1. Where did Liz Wahl come from ?

Liz Wahl (he is born in May 27, 1985) is an American journalist. She was a correspondent for the Russian government-sponsored RT television network from 2011 to 2014 but gained notice by leaving the network following a harshly critical on-air resignation that went viral.

2. What could we know about Liz Wahl besides his age ?

Wahl was born at the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay in the Philippines to a Filipina mother and a Hungarian American father. She was raised in Connecticut. She graduated from Fairfield University. Her paternal grandparents were refugees from Hungary, who fled the on-coming Soviet invasion during the Hungarian Uprising. Wahl cited her grandparents’ experience as a factor in her public denunciation of RT and the network’s coverage of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

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