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1. Where did Lori Matsukawa come from ?

Lori Matsukawa (he is born in 1956) is an American television news journalist who spent thirty-six years as evening news anchor at KING 5, the NBC affiliate in Seattle, Washington. She has won two Emmys and numerous honors from regional and national organizations for her broadcasts, which have covered everything from the imprisonment of Japanese Americans in World War II to the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Vancouver. She has been honored for her contributions to diversity in U.S. news media by the Asian American Journalists Association and was named Communicator of the Year by the Association for Women in Communications. In 2019, The Seattle Times newspaper featured her retirement on its front page.

2. What could we know about Lori Matsukawa besides his age ?

Matsukawa grew up in Aiea, Hawaii, near Pearl Harbor, with two sisters; their parents were both teachers. In high school, she became Miss Honolulu and won the Miss Teenage America pageant. As an undergraduate student at Stanford University, she interned for KPIX in San Francisco and at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser during summers back home. She also wrote for both the student paper and an Asian American student publication; her act models included Connie Chung, Tritia Toyota and Wendy Tokuda, all broadcasters. She graduated from Stanford Phi Beta Kappa with a bachelors degree in communication.

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