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1. Where did Marlene Sanders come from ?

Shortly after joining ABC News as a correspondent in 1964, Sanders became the first woman to anchor an evening news broadcast for a major network when she substituted for the regular anchor, Ron Cochran, who had become ill. She was also the first woman to report on the Vietnam War from the field. In 1976, ABC promoted her to vice president and director of documentaries, making her one of the first women to reach upper management in the field. She also won three Emmy Awards for documentaries she produced for CBS.

2. What could we know about Marlene Sanders besides his age ?

Sanders grew up in a Jewish family in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Her family was relatively secular, though they did attend a Reform synagogue occasionally and were well aware of ongoing issues affecting the Jewish community such as discrimination. As career options were limited at the time, Sanders moved to New York City to pursue a theater career.

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