Age Pete Williams (journalist)

age of Pete Williams (journalist)

age Pete Williams (journalist)

age: 69

The age of Pete Williams (journalist) is 69 years old.

Pete Williams (journalist) is born in 1952-02-28.

1. Where did Pete Williams (journalist) come from ?

Louis Alan « Pete » Williams (he is born in February 28, 1952) is an American journalist and former government official. Since 1993, he has been a television correspondent for NBC News. He served in the administration of President George H. W. Bush.

2. What could we know about Pete Williams (journalist) besides his age ?

Williams was raised in Casper, Wyoming; his mother was a realtor and his father was an orthodontist. « Pete » is a nickname he has used since childhood. After he graduated from Stanford University, where he had originally studied engineering but subsequently changed to journalism, he began his career in local news with the Casper, Wyoming, television station KTWO and its eponymous radio station in 1974.

3. What are the projects of Pete Williams (journalist) ?


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