Age Sam Ash (actor)

age of Sam Ash (actor)

age Sam Ash (actor)

age: [DateCounter startDate= »1884-08-28″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »]

The age of Sam Ash (actor) is [DateCounter startDate= »1884-08-28″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Sam Ash (actor) is born in 1884-08-28.

1. Where did Sam Ash (actor) come from ?

Samuel Howard Ash (August 28, 1884 – October 20, 1951), usually credited as Sam Ash, was an American vaudeville performer, singer, and movie actor who appeared in minor acts in over 200 movies, including It’s a Wonderful Life.

2. What could we know about Sam Ash (actor) besides his age ?

He was born in Campbell County, Kentucky, of English-born parents who had immigrated to the US. By 1900 he was living with his parents and siblings in Cincinnati, Ohio, and in 1910 lived in Chicago. He was unrelated to Sam Ash, born Samuel Ashkynase (1897–1956), founder of the eponymous musical instrument store, despite some erroneous claims that they were one and the same person.

3. What are the projects of Sam Ash (actor) ?


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