Age Scott Bailey (actor)

age of Scott Bailey (actor)

age Scott Bailey (actor)

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The age of Scott Bailey (actor) is [DateCounter startDate= »1978-12-16″ endDate= »now » format= »Years »] years old.

Scott Bailey (actor) is born in 1978-12-16.

1. Where did Scott Bailey (actor) come from ?

Bailey was born in Florissant, Missouri but he has resided in Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Augsburg, Germany; Albuquerque, New Mexico and Los Angeles. He spent seven years of his childhood residing in Europe. Due to having lived in Europe, Bailey is fluent in German, Spanish (and sign language). He has an elder sister, Lisa and his mother worked as an Army nurse for the Government. He earned a degree in mechanical engineering from New Mexico State University where he was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and was an ASNMSU (Associated Students of New Mexico State university) senator. Bailey has also worked for the U.S. Department of Energy. Acting was not Scott Bailey’s first choice of occupation; it was merely just a hobby. He eventually decided to pursue a career in acting while working on his doctoral degree at UCLA.

2. What could we know about Scott Bailey (actor) besides his age ?

Bailey started his acting in Guiding Light in August 2003 as Sandy Foster (and his radio’s alter ego « The Mole »), and played the part until March 2006, when he chose not to renew his contract and his character was killed off. He also made a brief appearance on an MTV comedy and drama series Undressed, where he played Stan during the show’s third season. He most recently played two acts the CW4Kids series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight; James Trademore a.k.a. JTC, a human villain, and his heroic Ventaran double Price. Both were able to transform into Kamen Rider Strike. He also appeared in a television movie in 2001 which name is Just Ask My Children. As well as that, Bailey also acted in an episode of the American television series ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ as the character of ‘Mac’. In 2012, Bailey won a Best Supporting Actor award at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for the character of Kyle in the movie Bank Roll.

3. What are the projects of Scott Bailey (actor) ?


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