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1. Where did Zilla (rapper) come from ?

Coming out of Houston, Zilla got his start posting music online. He was discovered by Swedish producer Moonshine, leading to his successful 2001 start album E.X.H.A.L.E. The album Lockdown Sessions followed in 2004, and three years later he joined forces with Houston locals S.W.A.T. Music Project, changing his style to the more traditional Southern hip hop style with his collaboration album Empty Bottles and Full Ashtrays in 2008.

2. What could we know about Zilla (rapper) besides his age ?

Returning to his more lyrical, East Coast-influenced roots, he mounted a comeback with 2011’s Interview with a Monster, letting it be known that his previous style was a « gross miscalculation » and that he was going to make music the way he feels and marks an official return. Zilla made his first appearance with Army of the Pharaohs on their fourth studio album, In Death Reborn, released in 2014.

3. What are the projects of Zilla (rapper) ?


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