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Welcome to The Genie Dream's Internet Business School

Let us teach you how to set up an online business and show you how to make money quickly. We have a panel of experts at your disposal to provide unlimited advice. We also have a comprehensive resource library containing training in all aspects of doing business on the Internet

Would You Like To Make Money Online ?

The Internet Business School is THE place to learn EVERYTHING you need to put your business online. Whether you have an existing business you want to bring online, an online business that could perform better, or if you are newbie and want to build your own new business online - you are in THE RIGHT PLACE. We have expert tuition on all aspects of doing business online form a panel of experts that have literally made £millions online.

A New Home Business ?

If you would like to start a new internet business we can help. Firstly we will help you refine your ideas and choose a new market. We'll show you how to research a market for both size and competition. Once your market is defined we will then help you implement your online business. We'll be there to help you every step of the way.

An Existing Business ?

If you have an existing business and you want to trade online we can help you. We have all the experts here ready to give you UNLIMITED support in getting your business online. Our experts have literally sold £'millions on the Internet and can help you do the same. We can help you set up your www site, promote it, integrate with a payment processor, we can even help you find joint venture partners and affiliates.

Our Online Learning Library

The Internet Business School has a massive library of content to teach you how to do business online. The teaching content is broken down into the  departments you can see on the top left of the screen and consists of online videos, documents, ebooks and tools. In addition there are over 50 hours of video footage and new content added every month

Unlimited Access To Our Panel Of Experts

Our members get unlimited access to our experts, you can ask them questions and get answers as often as you like. Its all included in your Gold Membership cost. These people would normally cost you £200+ an hour for their time. Our panel includes:

* MBA Business Consultants
* Google Certified Consultant
* Online Marketers with £M of sales
* Professional Sales Copy Writer
* Professional Graphics Designer
* IT Outsourcing Guru
* WWW Site Expert
* Chartered Software Engineer
* Microsoft Certified Professional
* UK Solicitor
* UK Accountant

Plus FREE WWW Site Hosting

We will arrange for web hosting and email for your www sites FREE forever as long as you remain a member.


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